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UniqMail is the game-changer for anyone in marketing or frequent email communication, ensuring your messages stand out and get the attention they deserve.
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Behind the Scenes of UniqMail:
Your Path to Simple Success

Get an insider look at UniqMail's straightforward yet powerful approach. Learn how our cost-efficient tool streamlines the process of crafting and sending personalized emails that get results.

Create Project

Create unlimited projects for any current or future needs. Specify the project name, provide a subject and message example for the AI template, and give project-specific AI instructions. If using UniqMail for direct email sending, include your SMTP settings.

Create Project

Create Task

Add up to 50 data items for message creation, including email addresses and necessary information for personalized messages. The AI defaults to guessing names if not provided. CSV/Excel data upload is supported.

Create Task

Generate and Send

Click "Generate" for quick AI message creation. Copy, send via link, or click "Send All" to dispatch messages. All tools for effective communication are provided.

Generate and Send
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It'is free and always will be.

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Watch our quick video to see how UniqMail simplifies personalized emailing. Learn about its key features like offline creation, direct sending, and cost-saving.

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Unlock the full potential of personalized email campaigns with UniqMail.
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It'is free and always will be.

Help & FAQ

Have a question? We've got answers. Check out our FAQ section for more information on UniqMail's features, compatibility, and more.

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